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Business Excellence

Business Excellence Awards 2013

Pursuing Excellence

The Business Excellence (BE) initiative provides organisations with a roadmap for excellence and helps you understand how to improve your performance. This is done through a thorough assessment of your organisational performance based on the internationally benchmarked BE framework to obtain external perspectives of your organisation’s strengths and areas for improvement.

About BE 

Recognising Excellence

The BE initiative is positioned as a journey of continuous improvement for organisations striving for superior and sustainable performance.

There are nine certification and award programmes to recognise organisations which have achieved different levels and types of excellence:

  Category of BE Standard BE Certification 
(≥400 Points)
BE Award 
(≥700 Points)
Holistic Level Standard Business
Singapore Quality Award
Singapore Quality Class
Singapore Quality Award
Singapore Quality Award (SQA)
Singapore Quality Class Star
Singapore Quality Class Star
Singapore Quality Award with
Special Commendation
Niche Level Standard People
People Developer

People Developer (PD)
People Excellence Award
People Excellence Award
Singapore Innovation Class
Singapore Innovation Class (I-Class)
Innovation Excellence Award
Singapore Service Class
Singapore Service Class (S-Class)

Capability Development Grant (CDG) – Business Excellence

BE Community & Partners

As the administrator of the Business Excellence (BE) initiative, SPRING Singapore has developed and strengthened its international networks through the years. Through these networks, SPRING is developing a stronger recognition of BE among the international community.

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