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Business Excellence

Business Excellence Awards 2013

Pursuing Excellence

The Business Excellence (BE) initiative provides organisations with a roadmap for excellence and helps you understand how to improve your performance. This is done through a thorough assessment of your organisational performance based on the internationally benchmarked BE framework to obtain external perspectives of your organisation’s strengths and areas for improvement.

About BE 

Aligned with International<br>standards

Aligned with International

Based on 7 pillars of<br>excellence

Based on 7 pillars of

3X Profit Growth for SMES<br>that have embarked on BE

3X Profit Growth for SMES
that have embarked on BE

The BE framework is aligned with excellence frameworks adopted for

  • US Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
  • European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Award
  • Japan Quality Award
  • Australian Business Excellence Awards

The BE framework covers all the critical factors for excellence and these are addressed in the seven categories.

  • Leadership sets the strategic direction for the organisation and drives the mind-set of excellence.
  • Customers are positioned after leadership to demonstrate the focus on customer-centricity.
  • Strategy is developed based on understanding internal and external stakeholder requirements, which guides the development of People and Process capabilities to achieve desired Results.
  • Knowledge is part of the feedback loop of Learning and Innovation, which supports decision-making and drives improvements.

Based on the 2014 BE Impact Study conducted by National University of Singapore (NUS),

  • SMEs that have embarked on the BE journey achieved 3 times of the profit growth as compared to their industry peers
  • Organisations that have been on the BE journey for 5 to 10 years observed 4 times of the profit growth against industry benchmarks

Embark on the BE Journey 

Recognising Excellence

The BE initiative is positioned as a journey of continuous improvement for organisations striving for superior and sustainable performance.

There are nine certification and award programmes to recognise organisations which have achieved different levels and types of excellence:

  Category of BE Standard BE Certification 
(≥400 Points)
BE Award 
(≥700 Points)
Holistic Level Standard Business
Singapore Quality Award
Singapore Quality Class
Singapore Quality Award
Singapore Quality Award (SQA)
Singapore Quality Class Star
Singapore Quality Class Star
Singapore Quality Award with
Special Commendation
Niche Level Standard People
People Developer

People Developer (PD)
People Excellence Award
People Excellence Award
Singapore Innovation Class
Singapore Innovation Class
Innovation Excellence Award
Singapore Service Class
Singapore Service Class

Apply for BE Certification Apply for BE Award Capability Development Grant (CDG) – Business Excellence

Community & Partners

As the administrator of the Business Excellence (BE) initiative, SPRING Singapore has developed and strengthened its international networks through the years. Through these networks, SPRING is developing a stronger recognition of BE among the international community.

Global Excellence Model (GEM) Council

SPRING Singapore is a member of the Global Excellence Model (GEM) Council. The members of the GEM Council are the guardians of the Excellence Models across the world. Through a formalised approach for sharing their knowledge, experience and information, the GEM Council has created a global fraternity in the field of Excellence. As the administrator of the BE Awards, SPRING Singapore’s affiliation with the GEM Council ensures that Singapore's BE framework reflects the world’s best management principles and practice.

Asian Productivity Organization (APO)

The Asian Productivity Organization (APO) was established in 1961, with the mission of contributing to the sustainable socioeconomic development of Asia and the Pacific through enhancing productivity. Its vision is to be the leading international organisation on productivity enhancement, enabling APO economies to be more productive and competitive by 2020.

In 2009, SPRING Singapore was designated by the APO as its Centre of Excellence (COE) for Business Excellence.

As the APO COE, SPRING Singapore has carried out a wide variety of activities to achieve these objectives. These include:

  • Facilitating best practice sharing and profile of leading organisations participating in national business excellence or quality awards programmes in the region internationally
  • Developing the competence of business excellence stakeholders (e.g., assessors, consultants etc.) in APO member economies
  • Initiating research on business excellence to identify needs, develop appropriate approaches, and assess impact 

SPRING provides a variety of learning and networking opportunities for the BE community across a number of different platforms throughout the year.

List of Certified Organisations & Award Winners

Find out about the leading organisations that have been BE certified or conferred BE awards here.

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Links & Resources

SPRING provides a range of resources to help organisations implement Business Excellence (BE).

Business Excellence (BE) Application Resources

Learn about the BE Framework, the various criteria for assessment, and application procedures.

BE Certification Tools & Templates BE for Public Sector Additional BE Resources

Evaluate Organisation for Business Excellence
This course covers knowledge and application skills for managing the organisation’s business excellence journey in a holistic and integrated manner. It includes planning for business excellence, assessing the organisation’s level of business excellence, managing improvements for business excellence as well as sustaining business excellence.

For details of the course by Service Quality Centre Pte Ltd. (Previously TUV SUD PSB Learning), please click here.

Success Stories

Read about how organisations have benefitted from Business Excellence (BE)