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Consumer Product Safety and Weights & Measures

CONSUMER  PRODUCT SAFETY - We are Assured of Safety We Look For The SAFETY Mark

Raising Confidence

Products and services that comply with safety requirements will gain wide acceptance, as they inspire confidence among customers. The companies behind them can then command a brand premium and garner more value for their products and services. Compliance, therefore, makes good business sense.

SPRING as the Safety Authority

SPRING, as the Safety Authority, enforces regulation to protect consumers from unsafe consumer goods. SPRING also manages the national programme to ensure a uniform and accurate system of weights and measures. These regulations include the Consumer Protection (Trade Descriptions and Safety Requirements) Act (CPA); and Weights & Measures Act.

Safety Mark

The SAFETY Mark identifies registered Controlled Goods that have met specified safety standards under the Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Registration Scheme (CPS). All Controlled Goods registered with SPRING must bear the SAFETY Mark before they can be sold in Singapore. To find out if your Controlled Good is registered, please search here.

Accuracy Label

The ACCURACY Label is found on weighing and measuring instruments used for trade. It indicates that the instrument is verified as accurate at the time of verification under the Weights & Measures Programme. To find out more, click here.

Consumer Product Safety

Consumer Product Safety Regulations

SPRING is empowered to oversee product safety regulations and consumer safety. Learn about SPRING’s role in regulation and enforcement.

  • Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Registration Scheme (CPS)
    Under the CPS scheme, 45 categories of household electrical, electronic and gas products require certification to verify that they meet specified safety standards. These Controlled Goods must be registered with SPRING and bear the SAFETY Mark before they can be sold in Singapore.
  • Consumer Protection (Consumer Goods Safety Requirements) Regulations (CGSR)
    The CGSR Regulations provide consumers with greater protection against unsafe general consumer goods such as toys, children’s products, clothing, furniture, sports equipment, DIY tools and other household items. SPRING has the authority to investigate and stop the supply of products that do not meet applicable safety standards.

Weights & Measures 

With the Weights & Measures Programme, consumers can be more assured of the accuracy of the measuring instruments when buying fresh produce at the wet market, weighing their luggage at the airport or filing up at the petrol station. All weighing and measuring instruments that have been verified accurate and fit for trade use when tested carry the ACCURACY Label at a prominent spot.

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Consumer Product Safety and Accuracy (CPSA) System

The e-Registration system is a dedicated IT-based registration system for Controlled Goods. It enables Registered Suppliers or designated certification bodies to submit their Certificate of Conformity (CoCs) and make payment online.

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Safety Tips & Alerts

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