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 Capability Development Grant (CDG)

The SPRING Grant Portal is now live!

As part of SPRING’s continuous efforts to simplify the grant application process, the SPRING Grant Portal has been launched for SMEs to submit all applications and claims for CDG online.

Login using your SingPass to apply for CDG. If you have an existing project in progress, you will be required to pre-register with us before logging in. You may also refer to the SPRING Grant Portal Step-by-step guide for more information on how to submit your application or claims.


The Capability Development Grant (CDG) is a financial assistance programme that helps SMEs develop capabilities across 10 development areas, ranging from raising service standards, adopting technology to staff training and overseas expansion. The grant supports a wide-ranging capability upgrading initiatives, enabling SMEs to successfully compete and grow their businesses locally and globally.

The grant defrays up to 70 per cent* of qualifying project costs such as consultancy, training, certification and equipment costs. It assists SMEs to take on large scale upgrading projects in areas like increasing productivity, process improvement, product development and market access.

* SPRING's enhanced funding support of up to 70% would be effective for three years until 31 March 2015.


SME Criteria

Registered and operating in
Have minimum 30% local shareholding Have group annual sales turnover of not more than S$100 million, or group employment of not more than 200 employees

Qualifying Projects

SPRING will assess the application based on the SME's needs, the project scope and competency of the service provider in improving the SME’s business capabilities. All applications are subject to SPRING’s approval.


Find out about the 10 development areas :

How to apply?


Step 1: Before you apply

  1. Check that you are eligible to apply for CDG and identify the supportable area relevant to your project.
    Have you already considered the Innovation & Capability Voucher? Contact EnterpriseOne to find out which programme better suits your business needs.

  2. Ensure that your project has not commenced.
    Late application will not be supported.

  3. Prepare the following documents for submission with your application.
    1. Latest ACRA Search or Instant Information (≤6 months old*) of your Company and your Corporate Shareholders if applicable.
    2. Latest Audited Financial Statements (≤1 year old*) of your Company and Consolidated Financial Statement of your ultimate parent company if applicable.
    3. Project Proposal (Click here for guide)
    4. Relevant Proof of Quotation for your project cost items
    * Not required if provided to SPRING in the preceding 12 months and there has been no change.

  4. Prepare the following information# based on the last financial year and the projected 3-year figures from the year after the project is completed.
    Not required for the development areas (1) Human Capital Development – Leadership Development

    Quantitative Impact
    Job Creation
    Click here for a detailed explanation of the above.

    # Figures should be representative of the applicant company (not the consolidated group of corporate shareholder)

Step 2: Application

  1. Read the SPRING Grant Portal Access Rights Guide to understand who in your company can access and submit the application.

  2. Log on to the SPRING Grant Portal to submit your online application. This should take about 20 minutes with complete information on hand. Click here for the SPRING Grant Portal Step-by-step Guide.

    If you have have an existing project in progress, please pre-register with us by filling in this form and send it to the SPRING officer in charge of your project. Companies that are submitting a new application for the first time will not need to pre-register.

Step 3: After you apply

  1. A SPRING Officer will be in touch with you upon receipt of your application.
    1. A meeting may be arranged to better understand your company and the project.
    2. You may be required to revise your application if the information submitted is incomplete.
    3. Depending on your industry sector and the development area, you may be asked to provide current and projected productivity indicators due to your project (e.g. Time spent on processing, sales per transaction, cost savings, etc)
  2. SPRING will assess your application based on your business needs, the project scope and the competency of the service provider in improving your business capability. All applications are subject to SPRING’s approval.

  3. When your application has been approved, you will receive an email notification to log on to the SPRING Grant Portal to view and accept your Letter of Offer.

  4. During the Project Implementation period, you should ensure that :
    1. Proper project records are maintained; e.g. project scope, timeline, deliverables, progress reports and project sign-offs.
    2. Proper financial records are maintained; e.g. invoices and receipts relating to the project.

How to claim?

  1. Refer to the Claim Submission Checklist and prepare the required documents. 
    Click here for the Project Report template. First-time grant applicants can also download the GIRO form.

  2. Engage an auditor from SPRING’s Pre-Qualified Panel to verify your claim submission, unless expressly exempted by SPRING.
    1. Contact the Pre-Qualified Panel of auditors for a quotation
    2. Appoint an auditor of your choice
    3. Send all the claim supporting documents to the auditor (this can be done via the Portal or by Post)
  3. Log on to the SPRING Grant Portal and complete the claim submission online.
    Click here for the SPRING Grant Portal Step-by-step User Guide.

    If you have submitted your application prior to the launch of the portal, please pre-register with us by filling in this form and send it to the SPRING officer in charge of your project before logging on to make a claim.

IMPORTANT: Claims must reach SPRING within 6 months from the scheduled completion date of the project, or the grant offer shall automatically lapse thereafter.

What happens after I have submitted my claims?

  1. The Auditor you have appointed will verify your claim documents and issue an Audit Report upon completion of the verification.
    The auditor may contact you for further clarifications if required.

  2. A SPRING Officer will contact you to verify the completion of the project and the deliverables met based on your Project Report.
    1. A site visit or presentation meeting may be arranged for this purpose.
    2. You may be asked to revise your Project Report if information is incomplete.
  3. Upon the complete receipt of both the Project Report and the Audit Report from the auditor, SPRING will proceed to process the grant disbursement.
    The funds will be disbursed within six to eight weeks via GIRO to your designated bank account.
    1. You will be notified through an email notification upon approval of the grant disbursement.
    2. An email notification will also be sent out by DBS to the email address stated in the GIRO form to confirm the transaction.

Appeals for Grant Application

Applications that have been turned down due to inadequacies in project proposal may submit an appeal within 6 months from the date of letter of rejection. Click here for more information.

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