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 Singapore Contractors Association Limited (SCAL)

Proposal title

Capabilities Development of Singapore Construction Industry


To build up safety competencies, industry trade practices and export capabilities of the contractors so as to achieve higher efficiency and enhance competitiveness.

Key initiatives under the proposal

SCAL’s proposal focuses on 3 key initiatives to strengthen the capabilities of the Singapore construction industry. They are :

Improve the Standard of Safety Practices for SMEs and Local Enterprises

SCAL will conduct a safety training course, known as the “Safety Management Assessment” (SMA), targeted at the Singapore List of Trade Subcontractors (SLOTS). They will also carry out the certificate and auditing upon completion of the course.

Research and Innovation: Development of Construction Standards for SMEs and Local Enterprises

SCAL will develop 10 nos. of good industry practices relating to the execution of different trades through consultation with industry experts and key authorities. Thereafter, SCAL will disseminate these industry practices to 1800 companies. In addition, they will conduct 10 seminars with 30 participants for each seminar.

Increase Export Capabilities of Contractor and Local Enterprises

SCAL will set up a facilitation centre that will provide advisory services to support the internationalization needs of their members. They will also engage third party consultants to gather market information and produce market reports. 9 mission trips and 9 study trips will be organized to explore the targeted markets. Thereafter, SCAL will conduct 9 seminars to share with their members on their market findings. SCAL is also engaging consultant to help in branding and marketing of the construction sector. They will produce marketing collaterals for the construction industry.
Last Modified Date :01 Apr 2013