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 Standards Council & Standards Development Organisations

Standards Council

 TitleSPRING Singapore coordinates the national standardisation programme under the guidance of an industry-led national Standards Council, which comprises representatives from the private and public sectors. Singapore Standards are developed on a consensus basis, and are promoted for wide acceptance and adoption by industry and key stakeholders.

The Standards Council advises SPRING on the directions, policies, strategies and priorities for the national standardisation programme. It appoints the following 11 Standards Committees (SC) to lead standards development and implementation in various functional / technical areas :
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  1. Biomedical Standards Committee (BMSC)
  2. Building and Construction Standards Committee (BCSC)
  3. Chemical Standards Committee (CSC)
  4. Electrical and Electronic Standards Committee (EESC)
  5. Energy Standards Committee (ENSC)
  6. Environment Standards Committee (EVSC)
  7. Food Standards Committee (FSC)
  8. General Engineering and Safety Standards Committee (GESSC)
  9. Information Technology Standards Committee (ITSC)
  10. Management System Standards Committee (MSSC)
  11. Silver Industry Standards Committee (SISC)
Under these Standards Committees, various Technical Committees and Working Groups, whose members come from the industry, professional bodies, associations, academia and government agencies, are formed to undertake the preparation of standards. Where relevant, these members also participate in the development of ISO and IEC standards through memberships in relevant ISO and IEC Committees.


Standards Council
(15th term - 1 April 2011 to 31 March 2014)


 TitleMr Edwin Khew
Managing Director
Anaergia Pte Ltd

Deputy Chairmen

 TitleMr Lee Chuan Seng 
Emeritus Chairman
Beca Asia

 TitleMr Tsang Kwan Lung
Director & General Manager
GP Batteries International Limited

Members :
Industry Representatives

 TitleDr Keith Carpenter
Executive Director
Institute of Chemical & Engineering Sciences
Appointed as Chairman of CSC

 TitleMr Chan Yew Kwong
OSH Inspectorate Department
Ministry of Manpower
Appointed as Chairman of GESSC

 TitleMr Robert Chew
Board Member 
Dover Park Hospice
Kwang Wai Shiu Hospital
Appointed as Chairman of SISC

 TitleMr Goh Peng Thong
AWP Pte Ltd
Appointed as Chairman of BCSC

 TitleMr Ho Hiang Kwee
Lead Technologist
National Climate Change Secretariat
Prime Minister's Office
Appointed as Chairman of ENSC

 TitleMr Peter Leong 
Managing Director
SP PowerGrid Ltd
Appointed as Chairman of EESC

 TitleMs Jacqueline Monteiro
Associate Director
Regulatory Affairs, Surgical (Asia Pacific)
Bausch & Lomb (S) Pte Ltd
Appointed as Chairman of BMSC

 TitleMr Tan Khieng Sin
Frezfruta Jam Manufacturing Pte Ltd
Appointed as Chairman of FSC

 TitleProf Reginald Tan
Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
National University of Singapore
Appointed as Chairman of EVSC

 TitleMr Wee Siew Kim
Group CEO
NIP SEA Group of Companies
Wuthelam Holdings Pte Ltd
Appointed as Chairman of MSSC

 TitleMr Yap Chee Yuen
Executive Vice President
Corporate Services
Genting Singapore PLC
Appointed as Chairman of ITSC

 TitleMr Renny Yeo Ah Kiang
Oakwell Engineering Ltd
Appointed as Chairman of SNC (IEC)

Members :
Government Agencies and Consumer Association

 TitleDr Chew Siang Thai
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Regulatory Programmes & Operations Group
Director-General, Agri-Food & Veterinary Services, Agri-food & Veterinary Authority
Appointed as Deputy Chairman of FSC

 TitleMr Dalson Chung
Industry Development & Promotion Office
National Environment Agency
Appointed as Deputy Chairman of EVSC

 TitleMs Joanna Koh
Medical Devices Branch
Health Science Authority

 TitleMr Leong Mun Yuen
Chief Technology Officer &
Director (Technology and Planning Group)
Infocomm Development Authority (iDA)

 TitleMr Lim Biow Chuan
Consumers Association of Singapore

 TitleMr Tan Hak Khoon
Senior Specialist
Electricity Resilience & Regulation Department
Energy Market Authority
Appointed as Deputy Chairman of EESC

 TitleMr Tan Tian Chong 
Group Director
Technology Development Group
Building & Construction Authority
Appointed as Deputy Chairman of BCSC


 TitleMs Choy Sauw Kook
Assistant Chief Executive (Quality & Excellence)
SPRING Singapore

 TitleMr Steven Tan
Group Director (Quality & Standards)
SPRING Singapore


 TitleMr Cheong Tak Leong
Deputy Director (Standards)
SPRING Singapore

Standards Development Organisations (SDOs)

Three Standards Development Organisations (SDOs) are appointed by SPRING Singapore to develop, promote and implement Singapore Standards and International Standards under the purview of selected Standards Committees.

The three SDOs appointed by SPRING Singapore are :
  1. Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (iDA) - Administers the standardisation work of the Information Technology Standards Committee.
  2. Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC) - Administers the standardisation work of the Chemical Standards Committee.
  3. Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) - Administers the standardisation work of the Biomedical Standards Committee, the Food Standards Committee and the General Engineering & Safety Standards Committee.

        National Standardisation Structure

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