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Business Excellence

Business Excellence Awards 2013

Pursuing Excellence

The Business Excellence (BE) initiative provides organisations with a roadmap for excellence and helps you understand how to improve your performance. This is done through a thorough assessment of your organisational performance based on the internationally benchmarked BE framework to obtain external perspectives of your organisation’s strengths and areas for improvement.

Why BE? 

Know Your Business’ Health

Know Your Business’ Health

The BE framework assessment tools allow an organisation to check its management systems and processes regularly.

Identify your company’s strengths and discover opportunities for improvement.

Improve Your Performance

Improve Your Performance

Adopting the BE framework will help put in place a systematic approach that leads to improved business performance.

An NUS impact study showed that organisations on the BE journey consistently outperformed their industry counterparts.

Be Recognised

Be Recognised

Organisations that achieve a BE certification show commendable levels of performance.

BE certifications are a trust mark for an organisation towards its suppliers, consumers and the general public.

Learn Best Practices

Learn Best Practices

Certified organisations can access best practice resources and opportunities to improve business performance.

This includes seminars, conferences, learning journeys and more.

Capability Development Grant (CDG) – Business Excellence

Updates on BE 

Streamlining the existing BE frameworks into a single framework

From the first quarter of 2017, the existing four BE frameworks (BE holistic standard and three niche standards) will be streamlined into a single framework. The framework will encompass all the core business fundamentals of an excellent organisation, which will provide a more rigorous assessment for organisations.

SQC to serve as a required foundation

All organisations will pursue the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) as a required foundation, before deepening their niche capabilities under People, Service and Innovation as illustrated in the diagram below. The strong core fundamentals established under SQC will better support the pursuit of these niche capabilities.

Singapore Service Class

Building a Common Identity: New Logos of the Business Excellence certifications and Awards

The updated SQC and niche logos will serve as a common identity for BE-certified organisations. The single mark of excellence will enable better and consistent branding for organisations to their customers and key partners, representing their achievement of business excellence and sustainable performance. The BE Awards logos have also been refreshed to ensure an element of consistency across all BE certifications and awards.

Common Identity Logos

Return of Service Excellence Award

The Service Excellence (SE) Award will be brought back within the umbrella of BE Awards in 2017. The return of the SE Award underpins the importance of the services sector in our economy today, and the role it plays in businesses. It seeks to recognise organisations that have displayed superior management capabilities to drive and sustain service excellence, in order to grow their business in the new service landscape.

For more information on the BE repositioning and logo changes, please click here (pdf, 404KB).

Organisations on BE

List of certified organisations & award winners

Find out about the leading organisations that have been BE certified or conferred BE Awards.

BE certified organisations

BE Award winners

The BE Awards are managed by the SQA Governing Council and supported by the SQA Management Committee. To know more about the SQA Governing Council and SQA Management Committee, please click here.

Links & Resources

SPRING provides a range of resources to help organisations implement Business Excellence (BE).

Business Excellence (BE) application resources

Learn about the BE framework, the various criteria for assessment, and application procedures.

BE certification Tools & templates BE for public sector Additional BE resources

Evaluate organisation for Business Excellence
This course covers knowledge and application skills for managing the organisation’s business excellence journey in a holistic and integrated manner. It includes planning for business excellence, assessing the organisation’s level of business excellence, managing improvements for business excellence as well as sustaining business excellence.

For details of the course by Service Quality Centre Pte Ltd. (Previously TUV SUD PSB Learning), please click here.

Success stories

Read about how organisations have benefitted from Business Excellence (BE)

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  • See how your existing management systems and processes fare against BE Standards.

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  • The annual BE awards recognise organisations for outstanding management capabilities and world-class standards of performance.

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