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Weights & Measures Programme

The weights and measures programme aims to protect consumers and traders by regulating the use of weighing and measuring instruments for trade use by weight or measure and pre-packaged goods. View the Weights and Measures Act on Singapore Statutes Online.

To ensure a uniform and accurate system of weights and measures in Singapore, we:

  • Designate Authorised Verifiers to perform verification on weighing and measuring instruments for trade use. 
  • Register approved pattern of weighing and measuring instruments. 
  • Verify and stamp/seal all new or repaired weighing and measuring instruments for trade use. 
  • Inspect weighing and measuring instruments used for trade purposes for inaccuracies and to ensure that they have not been tampered with. To inspect pre-packaged goods or goods sold to ensure that they are not short weight or short measure. 
  • Investigate complaints pertaining to weight and measure matters from consumers and traders.

SPRING Singapore also works with the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) to protect the interests of consumers with regards to purchases that are weighed, measured or pre-packed.

No licence is required for the supply, repair and service of weighing and measuring instruments.


Accuracy Label

SPRING Singapore introduced the ACCURACY Label for weighing and measuring instrument for trade use on 1 Apr 2004. The Label is affixed on instruments that are fit for trade use, in addition to the verification seal which is positioned at the base/side or internal parts of the instruments.
The Label will state SPRING Singapore's verifier code '00' and the time period (month/year) on a prominent part of the weighing and measuring instruments, so as to make it easier for both consumers and traders to identify that the instruments were certified accurate at the time of verification. The Label is, however, not an attestation that the instruments will remain accurate after verification.

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Last Updated on : 12 Feb 2018