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Benefit from Standards

Many businesses can benefit from standards – from food manufacturing and construction to retail and recreational businesses. Standards help drive quality improvement, productivity, efficiency and customer loyalty. Read how various local businesses have leveraged standards to enhance their operations, save money and become more efficient.

The National Library Board’s Green Data Centre

The National Library Board applied ISO standards (SS 564) in a green IT initiative to lower energy consumption of its servers. The result was fewer physical servicers, a smaller hardware footprint, lower energy consumption and reduced operating cost. Read ‘ISO Methogology Case Study – Green Data Centre of the National Library Board ’
(pdf, 644KB)

Prepared for Emergencies: Tan Seng Kee Foods

Be it a natural catastrophe, IT failure or human negligence, Tan Seng Kee Foods is prepared. It embarked on a business continuity management system based on ISO 22301 to identify potential threats so as to safeguard its operations and reputation in case of disaster. Read ‘22301 to Save Your Business ' (pdf, 445KB), as reported in ISOFocus #102

NTUC Fairprice ISO pilot study

An ISO pilot study of its procurement; warehousing and distribution; and retail has helped NTUC Fairprice obtain a holistic view of the quantitative and qualitative benefits of these four implemented standards. Alignment with standards such as ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP has earned the company an estimated $13.6 million over the last 10 years. Read the ‘NTUC Fairprice Singapore ISO study ' (pdf, 1.7MB)

Computer Aided Construction Design

The Building and Construction Authority studied the benefits of Computer Aided Design for the construction sector aligned to standard SS CP 83 and found that it incurred time and cost savings for architects and engineers. The e-submission enabled by CP 83 also lowered processing time. It also enhanced industry-government collaboration, allowed remote viewing and submission and saved training costs. Read ‘Case Study on Economic Benefits of SS CP 83: Construction Computer Aided Design (CAD)' (pdf, 718KB)

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Last Updated on : 01 Oct 2014