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Standards Council & Standards Development Organisations

Singapore Standardisation Structure

Singapore Standards Council

SPRING works with more than 1,000 standards partners and some 100 partner organisations through the industry-led Singapore Standards Council and Standards Development Organisations to develop and promote standards in Singapore. The Singapore Standards Council has also set up relevant Standards Committees (SC) to oversee the development, review and promotion of standards in various industries and functional areas. These 12 Standards Committees also set up various Technical Committees and Working Groups (e.g., industry members, professional bodies, associations, academia and government agencies) to develop standards.

The Singapore Standards Council

Standards Council

The Singapore Standards Council comprises representatives from the private and public sectors so as to strengthen public-private collaboration and encourage stakeholders with diverse interests to participate in standards development. The Standards Council also advises SPRING Singapore on the directions, policies, strategies and priorities for the national standardisation programme. Singapore Standards and Technical References are developed based on market relevance and consensus and are promoted for wide acceptance and adoption by industry and key stakeholders.

Standards Council
(17th term - 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2020)


Robert ChewMr Robert Chew
Partner, iGlobe Partners

Deputy Chairmen

Chuan SengMr Lee Chuan Seng 
Emeritus Chairman
Beca Asia

Tay Jih-HsinMr Tay Jih-Hsin
Managing Director
Swee Hin Power Systems Pte Ltd

Members :
Industry Representatives

Keith CarpenterDr Keith Carpenter
Executive Director
Institute of Chemical & Engineering Sciences

Chan Kok WayMr Chan Kok Way
Managing Partner
SD Architects & Associates Pte Ltd

Diana Ee-TanMrs Diana Ee-Tan
SHATEC Institutes Pte Ltd

Go Heng HuatEr. Go Heng Huat
Director, OSH Specialist Department and Major Hazards Department
Occupational Safety & Health Division
Ministry of Manpower

Peter LeongEr. Peter Leong 
Managing Director of SP Training and Consultancy Company (SPTCC) and
Principal of Singapore Institute of Power and Gas (SIPG)

Allan LimDr Allan Lim
Group Manager
External Partnerships, Intellectual Asset and Regulatory
Nestlé R&D Center (Pte) Ltd

Reginald TanProf Reginald Tan
Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
National University of Singapore

Yap Chee YuanMr Yap Chee Yuen
Executive Vice President
Corporate Services
Genting Singapore PLC

Yong Chern ChetDr Yong Chern Chet
Chief Executive Officer
Parkway Laboratory Services Ltd

John YongDr John Yong
Director, Industry Development Office &
Director, PE COI
Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology

Members :
Government Agencies and Consumer Association

Yap Him HooDr Yap Him Hoo
Director-General, Agri-Food & Veterinary Services/
Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Regulatory Programmes & Operations)
Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority

Clement TsengEr. Clement Tseng
Deputy Group Director
Special Functions Group
Strategic Planning Office
Building and Construction Authority

Kang Cheng GuanDr Kang Cheng Guan
Senior Director
Security & Emergency Planning Department
Power System Operation Division
Energy Market Authority

Lee Hui KengMs Lee Hui Keng 
Assistant Group Director
Pre-Market Cluster
Health Products Regulation Group
Health Sciences Authority

Angeline PohMs Angeline Poh 
Assistant Chief Executive Officer
Industry Development
Infocomm Media Development Authority

Dalson ChungMr Dalson Chung
Industry Development & Promotion Office
National Environment Agency

Ong Yunn ShingMr Ong Yunn Shing 
Director (Aged Care Services)
Ageing Planning Office
Ministry of Health

Loy York JiunMr Loy York Jiun 
Executive Director
Consumers Association of Singapore


Choy Sauw KookMs Choy Sauw Kook
Assistant Chief Executive
Quality & Excellence
SPRING Singapore

Sim Choon SiongMr Sim Choon Siong
Group Director (Quality & Standards)
SPRING Singapore


Cheong Tak LeongMr Cheong Tak Leong
Director (Standards)
SPRING Singapore

Standards Development O​rganisations (SDOs)

Three Standards Development Organisations (SDOs) have been appointed by SPRING Singapore to administer, develop, promote and implement Singapore Standards and International Standards under the purview of selected Standards Committees.

The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES): Standardisation work of the Building & Construction Standards Committee.

Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC): Standardisation work of the Chemical Standards Committee.

Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF): Standardisation work of the Biomedical Standards Committee, the Food Standards Committee, the General Engineering & Safety Standards Committee and the Manufacturing Standards Committee.


Collaborations with the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) manages the standardisation work of the Information Technology Standards Committee.


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Last Updated on : 16 Aug 2017