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Human Capital Development


Developing your Human Capital

Great leadership and people are consistently at the forefront as the key driver for growth, innovation and sustainability for any enterprise. Businesses grow when people gain new knowledge and skills that enable them to perform more efficiently and effectively.

Successful businesses view human resources (HR) not just as a corporate function or hygiene factor but an important enabler for business growth. Putting a business-first mindset when investing in HR capability will help SMEs better understand what HR can do to contribute to growth in the longer term.

SPRING Singapore supports SMEs in strengthening and investing in human capital development journey through the following key areas:

  • Diagnosing HR gaps to improve and strengthen HR practices
  • Accessing and attracting talent through internship; and
  • Putting in place learning and development framework, and leadership plan to develop talent

How to improve on your company’s people management practices and strengthen your human resource (HR) capabilities:

SPRING’s Human Capital Development Initiatives

How it helps you

HR Practices & Processes
Strengthen HR practices and processes so as to be in a better position to attract/retain people for business growth

Talent Attraction
Help SMEs attract young talent through attractive and meaningful job opportunities

Talent Development
Strengthen learning and development capabilities so that skilled employees can support company transformation and growth

SPRING Initiatives

HR Diagnostic Tool
Thinking of upgrading your HR capabilities but do not know where to begin? Start with the free HR Diagnostic tool and discover how you can enhance your HR capabilities for business growth.

HR Capability Toolkit
A self-help toolkit that provides SMEs tools and templates to help the company systematically manage HR functions.

HR Shared Services
Outsource HR activities to improve operational efficiency through shared access to HR systems and services.

Capability Development Grant (CDG) for Human Capital Development (HCD)
Invest in human capital and put in place strategies in the following HR areas to attract, develop and retain your talent using the CDG grant.

SME Talent Programme (STP)
Attract students from Universities, Polytechnics and Institute of Technical Education (ITEs) to exciting and fruitful careers in local enterprises by providing meaningful student internship opportunities.

Click here for more information.

SkillsFuture SME Mentors (SFM)
Let a SkillsFuture SME Mentor help your company strengthen its learning and development capabilities and build your employer branding to attract and retain employees.

Click here to find out how you can partner a mentor in HR for a 9-month programme (fully sponsored!).

Capability Development Grant (CDG) for Human Capital Development (HCD)

CDG for HCD supports SMEs in engaging HR consultants to build capabilities in the following areas:

  • Recruitment & Selection
  • HR Management
  • Manpower Planning
  • Training & Development
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Talent Management & Succession Planning
  • Organisation Culture
  • Employee Engagement & Communications
  • Employee Value Proposition

Click here to apply.

Human Capital Movement

SPRING Singapore launched the Human Capital Movement in SMEs in July 2015 to catalyse a mind-set shift towards the importance and urgency of developing strong HR capabilities and talent management within the company as a way of attracting and retaining talent.

Get the latest updates and stories on SMEs’ Human Capital development at SPRING’s Facebook #sgpeopleengine.


  • Overview of Human Capital & HR Initiatives for SMEs
    SPRING together with partnering agencies has a comprehensive range of initiatives to support SMEs in strengthening their HR practices and developing their people. This easy-to-read booklet helps you navigate through the available options in placing human capital as your business priority.
    Human Capital Movement in SMEs handbook (pdf, 2.6MB, updated on 22 Feb 2017)
  • HR Industry Manpower Plan (HRIMP)
    The HR Industry Manpower Plan (HRIMP) provides a clear roadmap to strengthen the HR profession and HR services sector in Singapore, to effectively partner business leaders in developing a future-ready workforce. This in turn contributes to business competitiveness and Singapore’s economic transformation.
  • Useful Videos
    SPRING Singapore YouTube channel playlist: Investing in People

Last Updated on : 23 Nov 2017