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Freshening Take On Standards

Freshening Take On Standards

Established in 1994, Freshening Industries Pte Ltd is a leading local manufacturer of disposable wet paper towels. The company, which employs 90 people locally and another 50 in four factories abroad, exports to 35 countries.

The company started out supplying wet wipes to the food and beverage (F&B) industry under the ‘Smartowel’ brand.


“We’ve made strategic use of certification to help grow our business right from the start,” says Freshening’s Executive Director, Mr Jonathan Phoon.

“For instance, we chose the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis to begin adopting the international certification in Quality Management System (ISO 9001). Its implementation led to an improvement in our operations, because we had a clearer understanding of customer satisfaction and more control over our business processes. So by the time the market recovered, we were in better shape to perform.”

Freshening also produces a line of antiseptic wet towels for hospitals, and all its products are produced in a low-dust environment that are certified to the ISO Class 8 clean room standard.

As its supply chain grows, Freshening is turning its attention to develop an operating model for resilience.


“Wet towels are simple products, but thanks in part to our compliance with international standards, our quality levels are much higher than what is expected in the trade,” says Mr Phoon. “Certification has certainly played a role in helping us capture a mid-to-high-end clientele.”

“Our hospital clients rely on a regular supply of the sanitising products we provide,” Mr Phoon explains. “So we need to reassure them we know how to bounce back quickly from any kind of supply chain disruption. As a result, we’ve adopted management systems that can help us maintain high standards when it comes to risk management and continuity planning.”

In 2012, it attained certification in business continuity management (ISO 22301). In 2015, the company achieved the supply chain security management certification (ISO 28000), with support from SPRING’s Capability Development Grant.

“At the moment, ISO 28000 is still somewhat a niche standard for SMEs. However, in today’s globally competitive market, organisational resilience is fast becoming a key business advantage,” says Mr Phoon.

“Most importantly, customers have welcomed the assurance that attaining ISO 28000 brings – that organisational resilience is now built into the business and conforms to the highest industry standards.”

We’ve made use strategic use of certification to help grow our business right from the start. It has certainly played a role in helping us capture a mid-to-high-end clientele.
Mr Jonathan Phoon
Executive Director, Freshening Industries Pte Ltd

Last Updated on : 12 Jul 2016