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Industry Programmes

Joint Initiatives

Clinician Driven Innovation (CDI) Initiative

The Clinician Driven Innovation (CDI) Initiative, spearheaded by SPRING, aims to forge partnerships among clinicians, technology providers and academia locally and overseas, for the development of effective and tested healthcare innovations that meet the real-world needs of patients and users.

International Partnerships

SPRING establishes and supports many cross-border partnerships to support and facilitate regional and international business opportunities for SMEs. Read more

Biomedical Industry

Co-Innovation Programme Office (CPO)

This strategic partnership between SPRING and Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), bridges a critical gap between the clinicians and medical technology SMEs. It helps to accelerate product development and reduce the time-to-market for medical products developed in Singapore. With valuable insights from clinicians into the needs of patients and end-users, SMEs will be able to tailor their products to meet real-world demands and develop practical, effective, and innovative solutions for both the local and global healthcare markets. 

Private Sector Translator (PST)

To help SMEs in the medical technology sector to transform ideas into products and services, SPRING works with two PSTs, AITbiotech and IPTech, who would identify, develop and commercialise Intellectual Property (IP) for SMEs in the medical technology industry.

The PSTs will offer SMEs a pay-per-use model so SMEs can have access to their services without having to set up their own in-house research facility or to spend on manpower or equipment. Besides the translation of IP, the PSTs will provide R&D services such as validation and feasibility studies.

Healthcare Services

Healthcare Redesign

Healthcare redesign to create better ways to deliver healthcare to patients for enhanced healthcare outcomes and lower costs, improving the care experience for both patients and healthcare service providers.


Read More

To encourage SMEs in the healthcare service industry to develop new and better ways of serving customers, especially amid keen competition globally and resource constraints, SPRING helps SMEs to actualise their innovative ideas by facilitating collaborations and providing grant support to abate developmental costs. SPRING also organises study trips and conferences to organisations with innovative care models, to learn from thought leaders across the world.

Last Updated on : 08 Nov 2017