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Clinician Driven Innovation (CDI) Initiative

The Clinician Driven Innovation (CDI) Initiative, spearheaded by SPRING, aims to forge partnerships among clinicians, technology providers and academia locally and overseas for the development of effective, tested healthcare innovations that meet the real-world needs of patients and users.

By encouraging greater communication and collaboration between innovative technology companies and their end-user customers in the healthcare industry, CDI helps tech companies to better understand the needs of the end-users and develop more effective products that meet real-world needs.
Clinician Driven Innovation (CDI) Initiative

Success Stories

Excelpoint System partnered Intelligent Baby Monitoring Mat (iBMM) to develop fibre optic sensors that detect the breathing rate of a baby when lying on the mat. The information gathered can then be transmitted to a portable monitor for easy access. Read more (pdf, 17.8KB)

KOOPrime, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital and Changi General Hospital created an innovative automation device to improve patient safety and clinical workflows in areas such as fall prevention and medication safety. Read more (pdf, 16.8KB)

AWAK Technologies collaborated with Temasek Polytechnic to develop an automated wearable artificial kidney for patients with kidney failure. Read more (pdf, 16KB)

Novena Heart Centre and the National University of Singapore’s Department of Paediatrics’ Coronary Artery Disease Risk Assessment (CADRA), developed a genetic test to diagnose the predisposition to heart disease. Read more (pdf, 16.1KB)

Intelect Medical Inc Researchers, Biomec, the Cleveland Clinic’s Centre for Neurological Restoration and Lerner Research Institute Department of Biomedical Engineering’s worked together to restore neurological functions for patients with chronic stroke and traumatic brain injuries. Read more (pdf, 15.1KB)

Cerner Corporation and WellSpan Health’s developed a system to enhance the safety and accuracy of infusion therapies. Read more (pdf, 15.6KB)

Last Updated on : 27 Jan 2015