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International Partnerships

To maintain Singapore’s position as a leading medical and research hub, SPRING establishes and facilitates many cross-border partnerships for regional and international business opportunities for SMEs. These partnerships enhance our SMEs’ business capabilities for effective growth, whilst encouraging innovation and product development for new market access. They also help to develop manpower capabilities, which foster sustainable growth by ensuring adequacy in business support.

MEDICA: Started in 1968, MEDICA is one of the largest medical technology trade fairs in the world today. The number of visitors in MEDICA each year has grown from 4,700 to over 130,000 and the scale of the trade fair has expanded from 8 to 17 halls.

It provides an excellent annual platform to showcase Singapore’s innovations to the world, as well as to source for overseas partners for SMEs in the biomedical and medical technology industry. This business platform provides SMEs with the opportunity to establish worldwide contacts and bolster their pools of knowledge for further development of medical expertise.

SPRING Singapore and Maastricht University and Medical Centre Holding Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU):

Formalised in 2013, the MOU aims to encourage and facilitate partnerships between Singaporean and Dutch companies in the healthcare and life sciences. The partnership has seen several collaborations between Dutch and Singaporean companies through business matching and networking opportunities. Establishing partnerships with strong in-market partners will enable local SMEs to penetrate the European market.

Last Updated on : 01 Oct 2014