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Service Excellence

Rising customer expectations and the shift towards manpower-lean business models are changing the service landscape. It is important for organisations to transform how service is being delivered in response to these changes. A well-designed customer experience strategy can build stronger customer loyalty and serve as a business enabler in today’s digital age.

Kick-start your service excellence journey

If you are looking to embark on the service excellence journey, you are encouraged to tap on the self-help Customer Service Toolkit. The toolkit provides a framework of systems and processes to equip your company in developing service excellence. You may also approach any of the SME Centres for assistance in using the toolkit.

Embark on small-scale capability upgrading

You can also take the first step towards capability upgrading by tapping on the Innovation and Capability Voucher (ICV) to assess your service management capabilities, conduct mystery audits, develop service blueprints, understand customer expectations and implement simple solutions to enhance service delivery.

Further upgrade service capabilities

If you wish to further upgrade your capabilities, you may tap on the Capability Development Grant for customised assistance. CDG-Service Excellence (CDG-SE) assists local enterprises in the services sector to upgrade internal capabilities, so that they can raise service standards and enhance customer experience. It covers up to 70% of eligible costs for SMEs in services sectors such as Food & Beverage Services, Healthcare, Retail, and Transport.

* Companies from other sectors may also be considered for support.

Eligible projects include those that:

  • Involve the enhancement or introduction of new systems/processes/practices in one of the following areas: customer intelligence, customer engagement, people development and service innovation strategy
  • Lead to specific and quantifiable outcomes that will propel the applicant to be recognised as a customer-centric entity (e.g. higher customer satisfaction scores, improved service processes, achievement of Singapore Quality Class with Service certification)
  • Represent a major or critical part of the organisation’s service excellence roadmap. It should outline the vision or long-term goals of the applicant, and the broad strategies to achieve them.
  • Have not commenced at the time of application

Recognise service champions in your organisation

The Excellent Service Award (EXSA) is a national award that recognises individuals who have delivered quality service. It seeks to create service champions for other staff to emulate excellence service behaviour. EXSA is managed by six industry lead bodies (Association of Singapore Attractions, Land Transport Authority, Restaurant Association of Singapore, Singapore Hotel Association, Singapore Retailers Association, and Association of Banks in Singapore) and supported by SPRING Singapore.

Last Updated on : 03 Oct 2017