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Engaging Consultants: Finding the Right Fit

Given the value management consultants can potentially add to businesses, it is important for SMEs to engage competent and professional management consultants to achieve meaningful business outcomes and sustainable growth.

Below are five recommended steps SMEs can consider when selecting a suitable consultant for their capability development project:

Steps in finding the right fit

1. Identify a capability area you are keen to develop.

2. Conduct preliminary desktop research in the selected capability area to have a better understanding and benchmarking before starting on the project.

3. Shortlist at least 2 to 3 consultants to understand their management consultancy background (track record and level of expertise), and evaluate the different project proposals, service offerings, cost etc.) Refer to checklist.

4. Identify the consultant that best meet your project needs and requirements.

5. Embark on your capability development project.

Last Updated on : 23 Nov 2017