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  • I am a manager at an SME in the marine sector. Generating sales leads and following up on them are important aspects of running my business in this competitive environment.

    My sales staff spend a lot of time on paperwork as they are manually handling potential client records, requests and sales quotations.

    Tracking this information is also a challenge during busy periods, when staff go on holiday or when they leave the company.

    Sometimes sales leads are not followed through or details are even lost.

    Are there any solutions to help manage this process?

To prevent information from being lost and to improve the tracking of such information, it would be more efficient to automate all data-recording.

An automated, Web-based enterprise management system is able to carry out this function.

It helps to centralise input of customer information, track new sales leads and quotations, monitor sales cycles and generate reports on sales opportunities and customers as well as quotation summaries.

This ensures accuracy of information, improves access to documentation and improves productivity by cutting down on manual sorting and saving time spent on locating data.

One example of such a system is the Fitprise Customer Management System (CMS) developed by A*Star's Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech).

This solution is available for $5,000. Eligible SMEs can also apply for the Enhanced Innovation and Capability Voucher (ICV) from Spring Singapore to adopt this solution.


Last Updated on : 30 Jan 2015